[van_heading heading= »General Features » desc= »Easy to use, crossed-browsers, well documented and fast support, anyway you can getting started easily » color= »black » pattern= »circle » bottom= »30px » top= »30px »]
[van_feature_item title= »HTML5 / CSS3″ image= »341″ css_animation= »Bottom to Top » target= »_self »]We create the web font-end with popular HTML5/CSS3 technology that include many CSS3 effect in the theme, so we give up IE7/IE8, because they doesn’t support CSS3 competely. Also we made the our codes to compatible with W3C standard as much as possible.[/van_feature_item]
[van_feature_item title= »Fully Responsive » image= »343″ css_animation= »Bottom to Top » target= »_self » hover= »yes »]Today, mobile internet is more and more popular and the most people like to browse internet with their mobile devices anywhere, so our themes are fully support responsive layout that make it works perfectly for all device resolutions like mobiles, tablets and desktops. [/van_feature_item]
[van_feature_item title= »Main Browsers Support » image= »345″ css_animation= »Bottom to Top » target= »_self »]Samsara theme works great with all main popular browsers like Firefox, Chrome, Safari, Opera and Internet Explorer 9+, but IE7 and IE8, because they doesn’t support some CSS3 effects very well. So before you are going to purchase it you need know this.[/van_feature_item]
[van_feature_item title= »Fast Technique Support » image= »347″ css_animation= »Bottom to Top » target= »_self »]If you have any questions about trouble using or bug fixing, we will help you to fix the issues as soon as possible through Email or support. The support is not include the customization issue, but we will also provide you general solution.[/van_feature_item]
[van_feature_item title= »Detailed Documentation » image= »333″ css_animation= »Bottom to Top » target= »_self » hover= »yes »]We tried our best to make the documentation more clearly and easy to understand, hope it can help you to getting started easily. We also include some video clips tutorial to make the documentation more visually.[/van_feature_item]
[van_feature_item title= »Free Update » image= »335″ css_animation= »Bottom to Top » target= »_self »]After you purchased our theme, you will always be able to download the later version for free from your themeforest download page. The important is if you create a child theme with your own custom codes, it will not affect smooth updating.[/van_feature_item]
[van_heading heading= »Advanced Features » desc= »We include many advanced features like drag and drop builder, theme option and fully customizable » color= »white » pattern= »circle »]


Visual Composer
Page Builder

We include Visual Composer plugin that allow user to create complex layout with visual page builder, you just need to drag and drop the elements or widgets to the page builder interface easily.

Save $30!



Admin Panel
Provide many options

We include a powerful admin panel with many useful options that allow user to manage the global settings of the theme, for example, change the LOGO, set favicon, set the contact email, enable/disable the responsive layout, add your own custom CSS or Javascript code or Google Analysis code and so on.


Compatible with WooCommerce

Samsara theme is compatible with WooCommerce plugin that allow user to create their own online shop with this powerful free plugin, and user can create their own custom shopping home page like the demo.

[van_button border_color= »#fff » href= »http://demo.themevan.com/samsara/homepage-shop/ » bg_color= »#33b95a » size= »large » text= »PREVIEW »]



Customize & Live Preview

We enable customize board which is built-in the wordpress in this theme that allow user to live preview the theme while customizing it.

You can change the font and color scheme of the appearance of the theme.

[van_heading heading= »Pricing » desc= »Viewing our pricing plans for the service or product. This is just an example for you. » color= »black » pattern= »circle »]
[van_pricing_item name= »Regular » price= »$50″ button_text= »PURCHASE IT » button_color= »#ec5e57″ href= »# » target= »_blank » featured= »No »]

  • Single end product
  • Free update
  • Free support


[van_pricing_item name= »Extend » price= »$2000″ button_text= »PURCHASE IT » button_color= »#ec5e57″ href= »# » target= »_blank » featured= »Yes »]

  • Multiple end product
  • Free update
  • Free support
  • Premium support


[van_pricing_item name= »Reseller » price= »$2000″ button_text= »PURCHASE IT » button_color= »#ec5e57″ href= »# » target= »_blank » featured= »No »]

  • Multiple end product per license
  • Free update
  • Free support


[van_quote avatar= »268″ css_animation= »Bottom to Top » via= »Johnny »]What’s our clients talking about our product or service. This is only an example to show you quote block effect here.[/van_quote]

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